…should I stay home?

15 marzo 2016

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<<I’m a beginner triathlete, should I get wiser?>>

This question was asked from a funny guyin one of those road chance meetto a Pro triathlete while he was training on bike. A real champ always gives advice to a beginner, it works different if he’s an ass hole champ (champ ass hole = no champ). The Pro smiled at him, the speed calm down, so did the breath, and the two seemed exactly the same. Sometimes the secret is to listen carefully. The Pro own gold of experience can help out or change your mind. <<In a matter of fact, is impossible without starting points>> said the Pro <<focus on the days you must swim and rip them off the week, do the same with the bike and run,7 days a week are not enough. Short cut on a long story, 3 of 3.>> The funny guy watched him looking up, yeppa he understood. The week of a triathlete is a nine days or a nine in a seven days workout ( at least). Three the magic number; swimma 3 times, bikera 3 times, runnera 3 times, enjoy the body damage enjoy the life. Welcome aboard TRIATHLETE ! rattatatanswimmabikerarunnerattatatanhaifreddo?…STAY HOME

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